Global Business Growth & Investment

Novafast Holdings has been working in partnership with companies for 20 years, providing impartial, technical, commercial and strategic advice, and supporting their interests in the engineering and construction sectors.

We invest in ideas, businesses, and individuals to unlock the potential of each venture for ultimate success.

International Business Growth

As Novafast Holdings’ global footprint strategy, we intend to establish 10 strategically located offices.

Our solid reputation is built on independence
and innovation.

Taking a balanced approach to creating a diversified portfolio, our investments encompass private equity, manufacturing, property holdings, and property development. With available capital and a committed management team, we are focussed on applying funding and expertise to realise values.

We use an integrated company approach to offer end-users turnkey direct value and innovative perspective engineering and construction projects around the world,enabling our clients to make their business decisions with confidence.

With experienced and talented staff in the industry, we quickly identify the key issues and opportunities, and provide a qualified perspective that gives real answers and long-term solutions.

We understand our clients want opinions, information, and advice that is impartial and informed. Novafast Holdings offers a totally independent and broad perspective on engineering and construction projects, based on years of experience and an in-depth understanding of the industry. We are committed to ensuring our clients can be confident in their decision making on every level.

Novafast Holding subsidiaries have a diverse, quality client base including: