Consulting Engineers.

Dennis Southam & Associates (DSA) provides the composites industry with exceptional professional engineering solutions. This is a market that demands the highest level of expertise, precision, and technical ability.

Our services cover site condition assessment, technical inspections, auditing for standards compliance, and quality assurance. We can provide independent verification in design or inspection services, as well as procedure and specification writing or review.

Our extensive expertise in the application of FRP, GRP, and GRE in corrosive environments has resulted in a history of serving major companies in the mining, water treatment, chemical processing, energy, and petroleum sectors. We also work with consultants, manufacturers, and construction contractors within these industries.

At Dennis Southam & Associates, we are committed to timely delivery of services in accordance with industry standards and best practice. Our clients choose to work with us because we go the extra mile to deliver desired outcomes while keeping costs down and mitigating risk.

Innovative Composite Products.

Novafast is a global company offering leading edge technology in GRE/GRP composite pipes, tanks, vessels and materials.

With world demand for composite-based materials anticipated to exceed $17 billion, Novafast is at the forefront to meet industry requirements for design, specifications and use.

Over the years, Novafast has supplied composite products and materials to major contracts for oil and gas, desalination plants, waste management facilities, mine processing and environmental applications in Australia, Asia and the Middle East.

Novafast can design composites from the molecular structure, through to the laminate profile to meet application design and specifications. Novafast works with asset owners, engineers and contract providers for composite supply and specifications. Our supply chain is accredited and exceeds industry standards for design and construction.

Integrated Engineering, Construction & Maintenance.

Since 1999, Basetec Services has been providing innovative solutions to most major sectors in Australia and abroad. With the capability to develop custom systems, Basetec offers a complete, integrated approach to project execution.

Where traditional methods fail, we thrive. Basetec Services specialises in providing innovative, custom solutions for complex projects, where off-the-shelf systems simply will not suffice. We develop high-quality systems to withstand the harshest of environments, using unique materials.

We can provide turnkey management of projects, from feasibility and conceptual design, through to specification, construction, and commissioning. We also offer refurbishment and specialty maintenance programs through our Asset Maintenance division.

Basetec Services will manage your project with the highest level of professionalism and technical proficiency. No project is too large or too complex for our experienced team of industry experts.